moviepyでimagemagickがインストールされてるのにImageMagick is not installedエラーが出る



This error can be due to the fact that ImageMagick is not installed


sudo apt update; sudo apt install imagemagick

Zulko/moviepy: Video editing with Python


Once you have installed it, ImageMagick will be automatically detected by MoviePy, except on Windows !. Windows user, before installing MoviePy by hand, go into the moviepy/> file and provide the path to the ImageMagick binary called convert. It should look like this

IMAGEMAGICK_BINARY = “C:\Program Files\ImageMagick_VERSION\convert.exe”


I just figured this out.. imagemagick (ie, convert) has a policy.xml file that stops you from accessing any resource that starts with ‘@’.

Unable to run the sample code! Getting errors. Plase Help · Issue #401 · Zulko/moviepy


yuis@yuis:~/share04/_tmp/tmp$ identify -list policy

Path: /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml
  Policy: Resource
    name: disk
    value: 1GiB
  Policy: Resource
    name: map
    value: 512MiB


<policy domain="path" rights="none" pattern="@*" />という記述があるので、これをコメントアウトします。


# Import everything needed to edit video clips
from moviepy.editor import *

# Load myHolidays.mp4 and select the subclip 00:00:50 - 00:00:60
clip = VideoFileClip("noranekoMV.mp4").subclip(50,60)

# Reduce the audio volume (volume x 0.8)
clip = clip.volumex(0.8)

# Generate a text clip. You can customize the font, color, etc.
txt_clip = TextClip("My Holidays 2013",fontsize=70,color='white')
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